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Spread Axle
Spread Axle
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Fixed curbside doghouse floor section with a lightweight panel on the roadside maximizes payload and weight balancing. An optional split-lid, lay-down doghouse is available if extra floor space is required.
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Welded 3” I beam cross members coupled with “Super High Grip” diamond plate floors with unsurpassed diamond height and edge sharpness and you have the long-life, leak-resistant floor that Merritt has always been known for.
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Introduced by Merritt in the 1960s, the Merritt “Bull-Nose” design provides better swing clearance and aerodynamics. Offering up to 50% less drag than flat nose designs, the resulting fuel efficiency puts money in your pocket. Shown with optional tire carrier.
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Merritt Standard Features & Benefits
Bull Nose: bullnose image
Introduced by Merritt in the 1960’s, this innovative design couples good looks with improved fuel economy. It remains the most efficient design for lowering aerodynamic drag and producing a smooth inside surface that does not bruise livestock. This increase in fuel efficiency will put extra dollars back into your pocket over the life of the trailer.
Roof Construction: roof construction image
Merritt’s roof is designed to haul livestock and is built w/.050 aluminum skin fully riveted to roof bows that will resist flexing and stop costly roof repairs. No gimmicks or van roofs here, only the time-tested best.
* Shown with roof hatch.
Welded Floors with 3" I-Beam Cross Members:
The strongest floor in the business is built with 3" I-beams welded to a thicker floor plate. I-Beam cross members won’t flatten out after years of use and with no rivets to vibrate loose, the floor will stay in place. Closer rib spacing means better footing and fully overlapped top seams ensure fewer leaks. Working together they increase the usable life of your new Merritt. welded image
roof construction image
Sheet and Post Design: sheet and post image
High grade aluminum alloys that are heat treated to resist dents and tears and shines better than any trailer on the market today. This also provides unmatched inside width for maximum livestock comfort.
Upgraded Running Gear: upgraded running gear image
Aluminum hubs, Centrifuse drums and extended service brakes mean lighter weight and lower life cycle costs. All are standard equipment on a Merritt trailer.
LED Lights: led lights image
Merritt again takes the lead in safety by being the first livestock trailer to be standard with LED lighting. Lower life cycle cost with longer harness life, fewer wiring problems and brighter lights mean lower maintenance cost.
• Photos may show items with optional equipment.
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Air Vents

Air Vents:

Provides extra air flow for animal health and comfort in varying weather conditions. A variety of patterns available for front or rear.

Rear Side Load Door

Rear Side Load Door:

Many styles available for your side loading needs. Full width top to bottom provides less bruising and easier access for animals.

Front Funnel Gate

Front Funnel Gate:

Tube or panel style for better and safer livestock handling. Double-locking stainless steel pins mean more strength when you need it. Shown with optional threshold cleating.

Crank Up Front Deck

Crank Up Front Deck:

No need to throw deck any more. Two or three-position crank-up decks are fast and easy and provide better animal footing than regular planks. A solid deck section means less freezing and worn hinges after years of use.

Front Ramp Wedge Filler Tubes

Front Ramp Wedge Filler Tubes:

Use for cattle, hogs or sheep to keep them going into the lower nose without slowing down. An optional lower nose gate, shown, facilitates access to the lower front nose.

No-Step Pullout Ramp Riser

No-Step Pullout Ramp Riser:

A longer ramp, coupled with a unique sliding trolley, eliminates the tripping as livestock move onto the top deck. Quicker, safer loading are the benefits that you will appreciate.

Rear Post Light Bar

Rear Post Light Bar:

Good looks and lower maintenance are the benefits from the single-piece light bar. Allows you to have 5, 7, 9 or 13 extra rear lights.

Man-Access Door

Man-Access Door:

Bio-Security means keeping you out of the confinement barn or the loading chute. Helps you comply with producers bio-security needs and still get the trailer loaded quickly.

Hog Deck Package

Hog Deck Package:

Allows for conversion to full third deck. Includes deck planks, gates, lights and storage rails. Lightweight and easy to clean keeps you on the road.

Winter Panel Kit

Winter Panel Kit:

Light weight, low maintenance and easy to clean make this the best way to help einsure Bio-Security hauling is done as efficiently as possible. Standard rear storage box holds 1/3 of the entire panel kit.

Winter Board Clips

Winter Board Clips:

Panel clips for the winter boards are hard riveted to support plastic or wood panels.

Nose Mount Winter Panel Storage

Nose Mount Winter Panel Storage:

Easy access nose mounting segregates panels, keeps them clean and holds the entire side kit. Front mounting keeps the box from damage and does not take space from the loading area.

Punched Rear-End Sheets

Punched Rear-End Sheets:

Livestock health and comfort can be enhanced by adding extra air flow. Merritt Trailers, Inc. designs always have livestock health in mind.

7/8 Spilt Lid Dog House

7/8 Spilt Lid Dog House:

Ideal doghouse set up for hog hauling. Gives you extra space on the rear doghouse deck and still allows loading without flipping up the entire deck lid.

Tube-Style Divide Gates

Tube-Style Divide Gates:

Designed with the hog hauler in mind to maximize air flow but strong enough for cattle.

Basket-Face Cleanout Door

Basket-Face Cleanout Door:

A real time saver that makes trailer cleanout easier and faster. Side mounted hinges keep the door out of harms way.

Popular Options 2
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Roll-Up Door/Swing Gate

Roll-Up Door/Swing Gate:

Keeps livestock where you want them. Tube style gate closes off rear door for easier cattle handling. Completely removable if needed and works with man access door.

Wall Straddle Angles

Wall Straddle Angles:

Keeps you out of the way of the loading and unloading area.

Rear End Sheet Drain

Rear End Sheet Drain:

Large cutout made flush to the floor allows for easy washout. Positive lock reduces dripping and bending.

Door Seal Kit

Door Seal Kit:

Cargo seals that are easy to use and quick to install. Perfect for hauling imported or quarantined livestock.

High Mounted Name Sign

High Mounted Name Sign:

The high mounting position keeps your company name out in front of potential customers. Clean installation creates good looks and functionality.

Top-Rear Tail Light Bar

Top-Rear Tail Light Bar:

Helps keep your trailer visible in bad weather. High outside corner mounting allows for Stop/Turn/Tail combination.

Rear Back Up Lights

Rear Back Up Lights:

Flood lights provide lighting to the chute area and allow easier night loading. Recessed into the rear plate keeps them free from damage.

Spread Mounted Tool Box

Spread Mounted Tool Box:

Handy storage space between the axles provides you a place for everything. Genuine Merritt quality exists in every tool box we build.

Basket Chute Extension

Basket Chute Extension:

Reduces the step from the belly floor to the ramp which makes loading and unloading quicker with less jumping that results in less bruising of livestock.

Top Spotlights

Top Spotlights:

Easier night loading is possible with these floodlights. Top mounting gives you a good look at the entire chute area. (Shown with optional access ladder).

Threshold Deck Cleating

Threshold Deck Cleating:

Deck cleating at ramps and thresholds increases traction and allows for better footing at these critical areas.

Front Drop Back Ramp

Front Drop Back Ramp:

Fewer moving parts and lighter weight – the best in the business.

Roof Hatch

Roof Hatch:

Keep your drivers safe and give your livestock extra ventilation when the weather requires it. The Merritt roof is built to handle this popular option.

Split-Lid Doghouse

Split-Lid Doghouse:

Get the ability to increase useable floor space over the axles by using the rear of the doghouse. This creates an “L” shape so smaller livestock can be loaded quickly underneath and up into the doghouse.

Extra Divide Gates

Extra Divide Gates:

Need more compartments to haul split loads? Adding extra center gates is the answer.

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