Celebrating 65 Years

The tradition of family farms being passed down from one generation to the next is clearly an American tradition.

Today, it is not unusual to have the 5th and 6th generations of a family tilling the same soil as their forebearers, with dramatically different equipment.

At Merritt, our latest model is called the HERITAGE. We named it in honor of those descendants who are carrying the torch, the “Stewards of the Land”.

Our relationship to agriculture at Merritt was started in 1951 by Everett Lee Merritt, Sr.

Heritage Logo

The primary goal then was the same as it is today: to provide lightweight, innovative, high-quality trailers to farmers, ranchers, and truckers.

From 1951, when grain beds and cattle trailers were constructed of wood and steel to 1972 when our first aluminum sided trailers rolled out of the factory, we have been part of the increased production efficiency that has helped transform the American farmer into today’s agri-business- man. Over the years, we have stayed the course, manufacturing trailers designed for hauling grain and livestock exclusively.

The legacy continues at Merritt Trailers, Inc. today as the fourth generation of the Merritt family is involved in the daily management of this family business, celebrating its 65th year in business. We want to acknowledge that, without you, our heritage would not be moving forward.

So, from all the Merritts, both past and present, a special thanks from our family to yours.

*Disclaimer Statement: Merritt Trailers, Inc. reserves the right to make changes in materials, components, designs, equipment specifications and trailer models without notice. All visual specifications, representations, volumes and dimension references are based on the latest product offerings and are approximations available at the time of this publication. At no time will the information contained within this publication be used as the basis for resolving disputes.

Standard Features

Heritage Standard Specifications

  • 68" sides for increased capacity
  • Full-size standard door 27 1/2” X 31 1/4”
  • Ground clearance of 23”– great for ag use & swing-away augers
  • Hoppers are .125” thick material with vertical stiffeners
  • White aluminum .063” baked enamel finish
  • Corrosion resistant mylar barrier separates all aluminum from
    contact with steel
  • Sealed wiring harness with internal grounding
  • Two rows of three LED lights per side
  • 22,500# axles, 5” round with automatic slack adjusters
  • Single leaf springs (Hendrickson AANT Air Ride available)
  • Q Plus extended service brakes
  • Merritor Wabco premium ABS 4S-2M anti-lock braking system
  • Choice of wheels, tires and sizes
  • All Aluminum Roll Over Tarp System
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Ticona Celon LW-90 hardened rollers

Ticona Celon LW-90 hardened rollers will not be affected by road chemicals. This design allows the door to glide easily along the door frame.

Lap seamed tub assembly

Our lap seamed tub assembly has been copied but without the vertical stiffeners. No oil canning.

Gauge and dump valve

Standard on every AANT Air-Ride Plexi-glass cover, high quality liquid filled gauge and dump valve.

Aluminum reinforced door plate

All aluminum reinforced door plate new on the Heritage. Slides easier – corrosion resistance.

Aluminum tarp tube

Aluminum tarp tube, lighter weight, & more resistant to corrosion.

Ladder extension

Safety and ease of access are improved with a new ladder extension, long grab handle, and sloping ends – A Merritt tradition. Studies show sloping ends produce less drag and use less fuel.

Slope sheets

Slope sheets that extend full length, provide more overall strength and capacity.

Sight windows

Sight windows – using an auger? Very handy.

LED lights

All the LED lights you need. Two rows of three lights each per side. Three stop/turn LED lights on the rear, as well as a three light bar at the to

Popular Options
  • Variety of Sizes
  • Higher Sides/Bigger Doors
  • Gear Reducers
  • Electric Tarps
  • Vibrators
  • Air Ride – Hendrickson AANT
  • Grain Trains
  • Longer 3 Axle Trailers
  • Electric Doors
  • Call for Info on Other Options
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Hendrickson AANT air-ride

Hendrickson AANT air-ride. The best “Air-Ride” available.

Optional Black

Optional Black-sided trailer. Baked-on enamel.

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